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Abbott Homoeopathic Medical College

The students of AHMC have remained successful in securing a position country wide, almost every year since 1999. The institute is attracting the students not only from the Hazara Division but also from all over the country. AHMC Abbottabad has come up well and is developing fast. In a short span of time the embryonic outfit has been transformed into a model institute. There has been a wholehearted response from the population in this region.

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Our Vision & Mission

The Vision: AHMC believes in developing its students as a person and a professional, this balance is achieved through rigorous training and careful personality development.

The Mission: Abbott HMC is dedicatedly working for the revival of Hannanman’s method ??Classical Homoeopathy. To attain this noble objective Abbott HMC is working in a missionary manner for the grooming of homoeopathic doctors to enable them to serve the sick.

Philosophy Of Education At AHMC

The basic philosophy of academics at AHMC Abbottabad is not only to impart international standard education, but to imbue the students with wisdom and knowledge, so that, in addition to their being excellent homoeopathic doctors, they also become responsible and mature citizens contributing to the overall emancipation, and uplift of the society and Pakistan.

Our Environment

The natural climatic advantages of Abbottabad city, land area, sports, recreation facilities and above all a secure and friendly environment, have all combined to make AHMC Abbottabad an ideal place to study. The academic culture and environment is challenging but exciting, one may find our students busy in studying books and notes, or involved in group discussions but always with a sparkle in the eyes and a glare of excitement on the face.

Abbottabad City And Surroundings

The city of Abbottabad is a small, organized and a clean town surrounded by green hills at an elevation of 1255 meters from sea level with a mild weather throughout the year. Apart from being a city of beautiful landscape and peaceful environment, it is also a source of attraction for the people from all over Pakistan due to its educational facilities. The city of Abbottabad is rich with a number of schools, colleges and other institutes. As Abbottabad serves as a gateway to education, it is also known as the “City of Schools?? The schools and colleges are promoting a good standard of education in the entire region. Besides the basic education, the professional education is also not being neglected in the region. Furthermore, Abbottabad is a home of numerous professional and educational institutions, several military organizations, training establishments, government departments, civil societies and colonies. Abbottabad has five allopathic Medical Colleges, which produce a large number of allopathic doctors every year. AHMC is also established in the beautiful city, Abbottabad

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MoU signed with Musharraf Medical Complex

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B.H.M.S. Syllabus

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